Tiffany – registered dietitian, certified culinarian and lactation counselor, mother, runner, and giggler.

In order to escape her parents constant nagging about finishing college, Tiffany enrolled in culinary school. She really hated strongly disliked learning how to make charcuterie and 500 versions of béchamel, but she pushed through and passed her test to become a certified chef. More importantly, she found a love for nutrition and went on to become a registered dietitian. The moral of the story: listen to your parents (kind of).

During Tiffany’s stint at culinary school, she met a man. This man has watched too many episodes of the X-Files and prefers to be known on this blog as Patient Zero to secure his anonymity. Anyway, Patient Zero got Tiffany super pregnant and they had a blonde haired, blue eyed, baby human together. They named her Adelaine, after Tiffany’s Grandma, and she’s radiant. These days Tiffany, Adelaine, and Patient Zero are busy with work, school, soccer, ballet, girl scouts, and so on…but when life slows down just enough to giggle, they very loudly take advantage of it.

Becky- Registered Dietitian, Lactation Counselor, mother, wife, and overall goober.

Becky always dreamt of being an architect as a child, so when college rolled around she started her degree in Computer-Aided Drafting (what?! snooze fest). Luckily, cool kids got in the way. Becky started hanging out with a few college mates that were into health and exercise and eventually she stumbled her way into dietetics and fell in love. The moral of the story: always try to be one of the cool kids (kind of).

Becky also met her man while she was in school, but unlike Patient Zero, he isn’t paranoid and does not mind being known by his first name- Tim. Tim already had a little red headed baby girl, named Ciera, and years later Becky and Tim made another beautiful red headed baby boy, named Timmy. Becky’s first goal in life is to be a good mother which keeps her busy every day, but also keeps a smile on her face and her heart warm.